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Hey there!

Did you know that we all need
to take care of planet Earth?

It's like taking care of your home, but it's even more important because Earth is home to not just you and your family but to all the people and living creatures around the world.

You know those things you use every day, like toys, clothes, and even the chairs you sit on? Most of them are made using Earth's resources, like oil. But guess what, Earth doesn't have an endless supply of these precious resources. So, it's a good idea to use the things you have for as long as you can.

Here's a cool idea: maybe a friend would love to have that toy you don’t play with anymore…. and instead of throwing things away when they're broken or old, try to fix them! Or find new ways to use them. Maybe that old box can become a fun spaceship for your toys, or maybe that broken plastic toy can be turned into something new by recycling it!

By doing these things, like not throwing things away too quickly and finding new uses for things, you'll be helping the planet. You're like an Earth superhero! You'll be saving Earth's precious resources and keeping the planet clean and healthy.

Remember, you're a unique and amazing person, and you have the power to protect your planet. So, be curious and think about how you can do things a little differently.

Keep being wise, little Earth superhero! You can make a big difference by taking care of your wonderful planet.

Yours Sincerely,

Captain Busta

Wastebuster Intergalactic Federation.

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